« Tube Project is one of the most innovative game for mobile devices released on 2016. »

The Dark matter is chasing you, fly all the way through the tube to escape it : use your phone or tablet’s gyroscope to pilot your ship in the most dangerous space track you have ever seen !

Features from out of space:

  • Tons of boosters to upgrade your spaceship to its best
  • Stunning 3D graphics and effects to throw yourself in the space experience
  • Collect as many coins and boosters as you can
  • Rank yourself and compare your performances with your friends and all the Tube’s players
  • Reach the highest score and hold on to it !

How to pilot your spaceship :

  • To go up : lift your phone up
  • To go down : lower your phone
  • To Turn left or right : turn your phone left or right
  • Try to stay away from walls and obstacles !




A whole new kind of racing game is up.  Will you dare try it ? Come and Play !






Initially created by the Digital Virgo Entertainment studios in Aix-en-Provence, France, The Tube Project is one of  those ambitious games developed by a team of gamers and passionate people who wanted to find a new way of playing with your phones and tablets based on fun, innovation, and originality.

In using the gyroscope of your phone, you are now into the game : you fly your spaceship like a real pilot and feel some new sensations of speed and power.

The team wishes you a lot of fun with the Tube Project and hopes to see you very soon on its social networks.